Chapter Five On the Sacred Coronation and Anointment

  1. Upon accession to the Throne, the sacred coronation and anointment are performed according to the rite of the Greco-Russian Orthodox Church. The date for this solemn ritual is set at the discretion of the Emperor and is given nationwide publicity in advance.
  2. If the Emperor so deigns, His August Spouse joins Him in partaking of these sacred rites. But if the coronation of the Emperor precedes His entry into matrimony, the coronation of His Spouse occurs afterwards, solely with His specific assent.

Explanatory Note 1

The holy ceremony of coronation and anointment takes place in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Moscow in the presence of high government officials and classes, appointed by the Emperor, to be summoned for the occasion. The coronation of Emperors of All the Russias as Kings of Poland is contained in one and the same holy ceremony; delegates from the Kingdom of Poland are called upon to participate in this celebration together with the delegates from other parts of the Empire.

Explanatory Note 2

Before the conclusion of this holy ceremony, according to custom practiced by ancient Christian Monarchs and Their God-Anointed Ancestors, the Emperor recites before His loyal subjects the Creed of the Orthodox ( -- Catholic) Faith, and then upon being vested in porphyry, upon placing the crown on His head and upon receiving the scepter and imperial orb, on bent knees He calls upon the King of Kings in the prescribed prayer: to guide, enlighten and make Him fit for the great service, as Tsar and Judge of the Realm of All the Russias, that there may be with Him the Wisdom which belongs to the Divine Throne, that His heart may be in God’s hand, to accomplish all that is to the profit of the people committed to His charge and to the glory of God, so that on the day of Judgment He may give account of His stewardship without blame.

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